Friday, October 7, 2011

What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi

Last night was a logistical fail.  In an attempt to join the group at the park in Grenoble, I took the 10 minute walk to the tram stop from my house and then wandered around trying to figure out why there didn’t seem to be a tram coming.  I was already in a rush because I had left the house late since dinner and dishes took a lot longer than I expected.  To try and figure out what was going on I rushed into down town Echirolles and finally figured out that only night buses were running for some strange reason on this particular Thursday night.  So, I joined a group of 30 plus old people who had just gotten out of an art showing and crammed onto this tiny bus in the direction of Grenoble.  After around 40 minutes I finally got to the stop, just as the group was leaving to go bowling.  Fail, but on the upside I did find them.  It was also raining.

I took the 40 minute ride back into Echirolles and got to the bowling alley around 11.  This was the most decked out bowling alley I have ever seen.  It had a huge game room, over 20 lanes and a creperie inside.  Yummy.  We bowled a couple of rounds, and I found out I am an incredibly terrible bowler although with Declan and Nicole’s help I did have some somewhat successful runs.  We decided to cut our second game short to rush off to MacDo to get les grandes frites.  So American but so delicious.  Ended up getting home at 2ish, which made the 7am wake up call for class a little rough.  All in all a great night!

After the 4 hours of class this morning, I met up with Molly in Echirolles.  We decided to eat Japanese and met the most adorable Japanese lady who told us all about her relatives in San Francisco and Texas.  She also had a super strong accent and kept having us help her pronounce the word Texas.  So adorable.  Then we stopped in at this great bakery and picked up a religieuse and sucés.  So much happiness.  We realized on the walk back to my house that we have very strange opposites and similarities.  We both LOVE desserts and hiking.  Molly likes wasabi with sushi whereas I like ginger, she loves cats whereas I like dogs, she loves dark chocolate whereas I love milk, and lastly she hates butterflies which I straight up don’t understand.  I’ll add to this list as the semester progresses.

After lunch and dessert, we hiked on the trails behind my house.  We ended up having another wonderful day.  We found a crazy slug that had skin like a think hide as well as these super cool crevices.  Then we stumbled upon a beautiful prairie, a horse farm, and some gorgeous farmland.  We met a jolly old man who stopped and asked us if we had food.  At first we had no idea what he was saying and then were just as confused when we figured out he solely wanted to know if we had food.  So bizarre. 

After hiking, Molly and Elita came over for dinner.  Nicole made the most delicious 3 course meal per usual.  She had a meeting, however, so she couldn’t be there to enjoy it with us.  It was just the 3 of us and Robert – who I forgot to tell you is back.  Yay!!!!!!!  Anyways, before Nicole left she just kept saying, “Il est sourd.  Avez amusant!”  Aka he’s deaf, have fun.  Her humor is so crass but so funny.  Elita and Molly didn’t really know how to respond. I noticed the smile and nod tactic taking place.  Haha.  He ended up being able to hear everything we said although I can’t necessarily say he understood everything.  We had a delicious meal and a long discussion about traveling around France and Europe in general.  We also tried to explain the Northern Lights to him but for some reason it just didn’t work.  Overall, we had another delicious, satisfying dining experience that occur every night here in France

Plans for the weekend – Annecy tomorrow and a ROAD RACE on Sunday.  Sadly, the trip to Chamonix got canceled again because of weather; but Molly and I found a great alternative.  We’ve decided to do the Cross de la Châtaignes 9km running race.  I’m super pumped.  I just love meeting people at casual running races back in the states and am excited to do the whole process of signing up in French.  Plus I’ll get a sweet t-shirt.  Awww ya. 

Another major highlight of the week was skyping with Zara and Hannah.  I was so happy to see Hannah alive and well after her scary story of getting robbed.  And it was so great to hear all about Zara’s adventures back at Bowdoin – I can’t wait to go white water canoeing/ kayaking/ rafting with her senior year J.  

MacDo in the am
decked out bowling alley

suces et religieuse = YUM

literally in my backyard. so lucky

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